Semi Final 2018 @ Bentleigh Greens SC

A win for either Avondale FC or Bentleigh Greens SC would see the victor moving on to the NPL Victoria Grand Final at AAMI Park.

The one team this season that Avondale FC has failed to get a result over was Bentleigh Greens SC. Both matches the Avondale FC dominated but failed to get a result at the final whistle. The last game these two sides played ended in heartbreak as Bentleigh Greens stole an Avondale FC 1:0 lead, to score two goals in injury time to secure second place and all three points against the Avengers.

Finals football is a different competition altogether and Avondale FC was out to avenge their poor record against a quality Bentleigh Greens SC outfit.

Both teams play an exciting brand of football and it was a neutral’s dream between the two sides, as both looked to have early chances in the first half.

With the halftime whistle fast approaching a decisive break away for Bentleigh Greens SC meant that they were able to head into the break with a 1:0 lead.

The lead didn’t last long in the second half and it was Joey Katebian who would pull the game level. With neither side being able to break the deadlock the game headed to extra time.

It would be an almost repeat goal as Bentleigh Greens SC again got the break before the halftime whistle to give a 2:1 lead.

With pressure mounting in the second half, Bentleigh Greens SC once again got a breakaway goal and with a 3:1 lead looked all but home…

As moments ticked away Avondale FC continued to press forward. A set piece free kick into the box saw Bentleigh Greens SC head home an own goal and a slither of hope for the visiting team with only four minutes remaining.

In an almost identical position as the last free kick, once again Bentleigh Greens SC headed in another own goal to level the game 3:3, onlookers were in disbelief.

The game was in the last remaining seconds and looked to be heading to penalties as Stefan Zinni was brought down just outside the box. Jonatan Germano stepped over the ball to take the free kick in what would surely be the last kick of the game.

One Step. Keeper rooted to the spot. Germano scored to give Avondale FC and football one of the great comebacks of all time at any level of the game.

For the first time in the club’s history, Avondale FC has made the NPL Victoria grand final and will play at AAMI Park Sunday 23 September at 6:30 pm

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