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Avondale FC has commenced proceedings in the Supreme Court of Victoria against Football Victoria (FV) seeking to be crowned NPL premiers for 2021

At the time that the 2021 NPL season was cancelled, by reason of COVID-19, all of the teams had played 18 games and Avondale FC was seven points ahead of the second-placed team.

When the decision was made by FV in September 2021 to cancel the 2021 NPL season due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, FV stated that no team would be named as premier for the 2021 NPL season.

It is AFC’s position that the FV Constitution, the NPL Participation Licence and the NPL Rules require FV to have crowned Avondale FC the NPL premier for 2021 NPL season.

Rule 10.2.5 of the NPL Rules provides that “The NPL Team finishing on top of the ladder at the conclusion of the Regular Season will be crowned NPL Premiers”. It is Avondale FC’s view that this rule requires FV to crown Avondale FC as NPL premier for the 2021 season.

FV has determined that the regular season of the 2021 NPL season was concluded when the last fixture was played on 29 August 2021. As Avondale FC was on top of the ladder at the conclusion of the regular season, Avondale FC maintains that it is entitled to be crowned the NPL premier for the NPL 2021 season.

Since FV announced the cancellation of the 2021 NPL season, Avondale FC has been in discussions with FV seeking an amicable resolution of the matter. As FV has failed to announce Avondale FC as 2021 NPL premier, Avondale FC is bringing these proceedings seeking an order that Avondale FC be rightfully acknowledged as the 2021 NPL premier.

As the Supreme Court proceedings have commenced, Avondale FC will not be making any further public statements at this time.

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