Avondale Football Club is dedicated to developing young football players’ skills and talents within a supportive and friendly environment to become emerging and professional footballers.

While the current on-field identity of progressive, attacking football is still being established, the cultural aspects of the club are those of any striving community:

  • That we demand the highest standards of ourselves and each other every day.
  • That everyone is professional, approachable, driven & passionate.
  • That everyone strives to improve themselves and each other for the benefit of the club.

As a club, we must absolutely endeavour to offer each and every individual the best opportunity to maximise their full potential. Such an opportunity can only be afforded through the creation and establishment of an outstanding learning environment, one that is conducive to the education and development of everyone who enters ‘our family’.

As a club our philosophy is built around the 4P’s:

  • PEOPLE – Suitably skilled personnel secured for the key roles and challenged to ‘add value’.
  • PLACE – A safe, secure and professional environment conducive to learning and development.
  • PROGRAM – As age-specific/relevant syllabus of work which challenges our elite players of all ages to maximise their undoubted potential.
  • PATHWAY – A clear and evident route through our junior teams to our senior and potentially professional clubs.


Our staff must possess a number of essential attributes that will include:

  • Excellent subject knowledge and a passion for continued learning.
  • An outstanding level of personal discipline and self-respect.
  • An inner drive, desire, and determination to succeed.
  • An ability to ‘add value’ above and beyond their allotted roles and responsibilities.
  • A willingness to embrace new ideas and concepts.

Every staff member must ‘buy into’ the club philosophy. They must relish the work involved in achieving their goals. Therefore, our staff must demand to be challenged, demand to be given responsibility and ultimately be accountable for his/her work.

Our staff must recognise the importance of key decision making. Any problems negatively affecting the pathway for a player can simply be traced back to a poor decision made by a staff member at some stage of the development program.

Our people represent our club and they must demonstrate pride in their role through their everyday words and actions.


  • A safe, secure and professional facility.
  • A warm and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Appropriate staff to player ratios.
  • Well maintained kit and equipment.
  • Clearly structured program.
  • Clearly highlighted and adhered to codes of conduct.
  • Club branding and social media presence.

Ours is an environment conducive to learning and development. A place where elite players, from the youngest to oldest, can maximise their potential.

All our players, staff, parents, visitors etc. must feel welcome and must enjoy coming to learn.


  • Clearly structured, age-specific, enjoyable.
  • All areas of technical, tactical, physical and psychological requirements appropriately covered.
  • All players constantly challenged (training and fixtures).
  • The intensity of work and focus demanded at all sessions.
  • Position specific work.
  • Regular and consistent feedback to players, parents, and staff.
  • All staff constantly challenged to progress their work.

The program of work undertaken by each player in every age group must and most importantly, be enjoyable. We must not and cannot expect any player to learn and develop unless they are clearly relishing every challenge placed before them.

Our staff must recognise the various learning cycles of the players and ensure everyone is suitably catered for. The delivery of work must be clear, well demonstrated and re-visited. Coaches must find the right balance between cementing ideas, principle, and progression.


Every player at the club, from the youngest to the oldest must clearly see a development/career pathway. Be it progressing from U9 to U10 or from U18 into the first team, the opportunity to move forward must always be clearly promoted.

Senior Team (NPL Victoria)

  • Professional Development Phase
  • Youth Development Phase
  • Foundation Phase (MiniRoos)