Foundation Phase (5-11)

The Foundation Phase (FP) focuses on mastering the ball. We want all players to feel comfortable on the ball and not let their first thought to pass the ball and get rid of it. This is the time players master dribbling, letting the players being selfish, being brave and taking on defenders. We need to ingrain into the players that it is good to have the ball, to keep possession and not give it away cheaply by passing, a kick it and hope type scenario. By having players who feel comfortable with the ball at the feet then we can give skills and tricks for getting past their direct opponent. This will give players a solid foundation for when they move to the last year of the FP and moving into the YDP, the passing skill can be developed a lot quicker. It’s important to understand the process of unopposed, semi-opposed and opposed. Skills, tricks etc. all need to be game specific and can easily transition into a match day scenario. Coaches must also be patient with players, understand that is good for players to hold onto the ball a little bit longer as they develop through these ages.

Fundamental Core Skills

  • Passing
  • Receiving
  • Shooting
  • Dribbling
  • Tackling