The purpose of recruitment is to scout and identify players with the potential to play at a professional level. Recruitment plays a key role in convincing players and their families that Avondale Juniors provides the best possible environment to develop their footballing education. Recruitment additionally plays a large role in all retain/release decisions which are usually discussed at multi-disciplinary meetings.

Our aim is to have 80% of player retention for all age groups every year in order to create a sense of belonging.


The Junior’s Scouting Philosophy is based on a few different factors (external and internal) when looking for future potential players who can go on to play professionally. There are different types of players who progress into football with different strengths and attributes that develop to a point that will progress them onto the professional level. Below shows what we look for in a player:


  • Dominate 1v1
  • Receive and Pass
  • Dribbling Ability


  • Problem Solvers
  • Quick Decision-making Skills


  • Agility
  • Speed
  • Strength


  • Deal with Adversity
  • Desire to Win
  • Confident
  • Good Personality
  • Good Composure

Boys Recruitment

Girls Recruitment