Supporting our Community for 15 years and Counting.

The club would like to send out our appreciation to those who have supported our club on many different levels over the years and make us stand strong in these tough times today.

The Wardan Family name is deeply embedded in the heart of Avondale FC and will be for years to come.

Tony Wardan became president of the club some 15 years ago putting in his time and knowledge as well as his hard-earned money to support the club on an amazing journey. His boys Charbel, Raymond and Anthony have continued their support since with the latter playing 81 games for the club over 5 years.

Over the last decade, the boys have excelled in business and family life. With time being divided into other opportunities, they have always made the time to support our club.

Whilst words can’t repay them for their time and effort put in over the years for what they have done for our community at Avondale FC, it is important we as a club acknowledge their contribution and know that with many amazing Sponsors and Volunteers like the Wardan Family our club will have a bright and ever-growing future.

Last year Anthony Wardan returned to the board of the club to support and guide us through a new phase of our history and grow our resources through facility development and future planning to one day have a state-of-the-art venue that the club can use to thrive on the national stage.

More recently the Wardan family have grown Maple Living to an exciting new Property Development group whilst assisting our club get through these times in 2020.

We look forward to what comes in the future as this great family and our other fantastic partners support our club when we need it the most.

#AscendAndAchieve #FrozaAvondale

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