Players who have trained within our junior program for a few years will be easily identifiable. They will show similar attributes below:

  • Exceptional in 1v1 moments: Every player will be capable of beating their direct opponent in 1v1 attacking or defending moments. Players will be encouraged to take risks to create a numerical advantage or opportunity to score.
  • Forward thinking: Every player will be capable of making quick decisions and can anticipate opportunities to exploit or deny goal-scoring chances. Players will be able to assess a situation referencing team-mates, the opposition, the ball and the goals.
  • Adaptable: Avondale players will have an excellent understanding of all positions on the field and the requirements of the position in each moment of the game. Avondale teams will be capable of adapting their playing style to meet the needs of the game situation and/or learning outcome. Players are encouraged to identify how and when to change independently of the coaching staff.
  • Committed: All players will display a tenacious attitude and willingness to improve and be coached. Players will seek opportunities to gain knowledge and feedback.
  • Creative: Avondale players will see the game as an opportunity to express their individuality and will find creative solutions to problems encountered in the game.