Message from our President

As we approach the end of another remarkable year, I am filled with gratitude for the incredible year we have experienced together. Our success is a testament to the unwavering commitment of every member of our club, and I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to the committee, sponsors, coaches, parents, players, and volunteers who have demonstrated unparalleled resilience and dedication in shaping a memorable year.

Reflecting on the past year, we have achieved milestones that were once distant dreams, showcasing the remarkable progress of our club.

  • Being recognised as a foundation club for the National Second Tier
  • Partnering with La Liga to further advance our youth development
  • Senior Men 2023 NPL Premiers Plate & Champions Trophy
  • Senior Women State League 2 Premiers, Champions & promotion to State League 1

I am extremely proud of the stability and growth of the entire structure of our club, registering over 150 Female Participants, 150 Junior Boys Participants & 25 All Abilities Participants.

As we celebrate these monumental milestones, it’s important to acknowledge that some of these successes surpassed our wildest expectations. Avondale FC is more than a football club; it is a big family, bound together by a shared passion for the sport and a deep sense of community.

As we approach the holiday season, I want to wish each and every one of you a safe and joyous Christmas and New Year.

We are excited to see fresh new faces added to the committee for next season and I look forward to announcing soon.

I look forward to spending time with you all next year.

Go Avondale! #lafamiglia

Anthony Wardan
Avondale FC President

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