Youth Coaching Opportunities

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We approached Coach Bobby Brown on the field during the last game to get a word on his thoughts for the upcoming tournament.

Soccer is simple, but it is difficult to play simple. We are on top at the moment but not because of the club’s financial power. We are in contention for a lot of trophies because of my hard work.

Coach Bobby Brown

Nineteen-year-old prodigy Koby Brough and Patrick Volvin have both been selected by New Zealand while Finn Rosetta and Blake Bannan are all included in Australia’s 23-man travelling troop. The top 3 scorers thus far, have been…

  1. Thomas Lowes, who has risen through the ranks and has become an integral part of the first team squad. Last season was when he truly came to the fore. He has truly blossomed into one of the best young Midfielders around.
  2. Marcus Radcliffe, an influential player in honestly any of the three main attacking positions across the field. He truly is a world-class performer and consistent scorer. To his name, he has netted 13 times in all competitions in his debut season with the Kangaroos, before scoring 11 in the Primary League alone.
  3. Jaxon Peterson, who has made a name for himself as one of the most effective forwards in the Primary League since his arrival from Toorak. His impact on the squad was obvious long before winning the 12th cup.

As expected, Hugo Stones will be playing for Spain, with Archie Tietkens and Hideki Miyagi both set to represent blue shirts for France and Japan respectively. Essendon strikers James Till (Italy) and Tristan Holme (Netherlands) will also travel to South America. Ewing is the only English-based player in Paulo Bento’s Portugal squad, while neighbouring Belgium have Aiden Leggatt and Jayden Crook on their preliminary list.

We look forward to speaking with Coach Brown again and have him answer the following questions:

  • We were astonished by Smith’s decision at the match against Toorak. What message was Coach Smith sending to Southbank by not starting with Goodwin in the finals?
  • Fans are raving about Hugo! He was a key player for you guys this season. What does the development of Stones mean for the future of the team?
  • Fans back home will be following the Cup carefully over the next couple of weeks. Where will you be watching the WordPress cup finals?

In a previous interview, Coach Brown acknowledged his solid relationship with the team and staff. He says he has never had this much confidence in his coaching and feels so proud that the team has come this far. It really does show, his team has been on a winning streak and can’t seem to be stopped!

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